london for two days

we were only in london briefly, but the highlights were this little market & festival happening in the streets, seeing joan miro’s retrospective exhibit at the tate, the spiciest, most incredible indian food i’ve ever tasted, and seeing the 25th birthday celebration of les mis at queens theater. amazing.

three days in florence

i have to say, this was the best surprise i could have asked for…i have wanted to go back for five years.

five years ago, david and i began dating…and two weeks later, i left for italy…for six months. i completely freaked out on him when he came to visit me in florence- i did. i panicked and ruined his trip. i’ll just say that. it didn’t faze him though. and despite my ridiculosity, i have a letter from him from every single day i was gone. five years later, i’m so thankful for this man…i couldn’t love anyone more.

for our two year anniversary, we spent it in firenze again. so much better this time…it was good.

i’ll be honest…there’s not much to tell…all we did was eat. our trip revolved around meals every. day.

i loved it all. we ate kebabs on the river across from piazza ognissanti, we went to art bar for raspberry mojitos, we ate at buca del orafo, had balsamic steaks at la giostra, and went to ciro & sons.  we had cappuccinos every morning. we packed bread, prosciutto, cheese, & wine and hiked for four hours through the countryside to have a picnic on a bridge. and we managed to squeeze in gelato every day.

the important things. we had priorities &  successfully got them done.

i love you david. happy anniversary! thank you for loving me so well.

our first garden tomatoes

these are the best. what a good day. they’re so GOOD.

tomatoes are hands down the way to my heart and one of my favorite things.


love this sight.

best end to the day.

afternoon light

currently watching the light change colors.  love how it lights up our bench.