vintage poppies

okay, poppies make me happy. i think they’re beautiful. and their paper thin petals and bold colors get me every time. i mean, the orange… i’m obsessed.  i love, love, love our beautiful, happy poppies. they also make me crazy. as I was writing you, i saw this squirrel jump out of a tree and start attacking our poppies :: so naturally i jumped up and ran outside throwing rocks & screaming. don’t worry. i scared the squirrel off long before any rock from my accurate hand came close. instead i freaked out five cars at our round about that pulled up just in time for hurtling rocks and my screams. what am i thinking? i’m crazy, and there’s no real good way to pretend you were just enjoying the day, so i just stood there awkwardly after that.

well, inspired by the bed of poppies that are blooming under this beautiful tree, here’s the latest and greatest in what my mind has to offer these days. vintage handmade poppies are becoming a part of my jane line.  i love it! they’re really fun and i’ve loved making them. can I say that? just don’t read into the poppy thing too much…they don’t look exactly like poppies per se…but you should love them! you really should. and you might even need a few. i hope you enjoy them and enjoy the rest of this beautiful day.

:: handmade on beautiful, heavy italian paper :: the dimensions are 4 1/2″ x 6 3/4″  with an envelope //

you can find my cards in the studio or at Roots Boutique :: 201 South 2nd Street :: waco, tx 76701

jane & george cards

i am so pleased to share my newest representation with you!  my jane & george cards are now a part of roots boutique in waco, tx. I just sent this crate of cards up there this weekend, and am so excited to be a part of this creative, beautiful store.  Please stop by, those of you in waco, & come see jane & george in person!

Roots Boutique  ::  201 South 2nd Street  ::  waco, tx 76701


meet jane :: my vintage batch of hand- torn, hand-signed cards inspired by my crazy character of a mom i dearly love. elegant, slender, curious, chill, whimsical, and slightly unpredictable. hoping you love them as much as i do!

one of the things i love most is getting a letter from a good friend–or giving one–i love to write and i love to get mail. so born out of that and a need to channel creative thoughts, I began making these cards.  they’re made of the same beautiful Italian paper as my  george cards, and they come with a cream Italian envelope to match. i’ve hand-punched each eyelet and personally created the tiny compositions, and I think these have turned out to be my new favorite…although i still love george.

the dimensions are 4 1/2″ x 6 3/4″  and they’re 5.95 -same as george.

if you’re interested, please contact me //  i would love to share them with you!

george cards

oh george…I’ve had the best time this month making these cards. and so blessed by my sweet friends–thank you for your response and excitement– so encouraging to me! I’m taking a few days out of every month to make a limited batch of handmade cards, as an outlet for new ideas that bog down my brain!  They’re a small piece of art—each card is hand-stamped, hand-torn and individually signed on this beautiful Italian paper, giving each a slightly different character—and the envelopes are made of recycled grocery bag—eco-friendly— how could you resist that?

The dimensions are 5” x 5” and my george line has two designs:

:: hi ::  &  :: I’m loving you ::

if you’re interested in purchasing a few, please contact me! i’ve been loving making these and would love to share them with you.