tree silhouette no. 1

Friends. hi.

this is one of my favorite drawings so far.  and it’s done. finally. finally! i can move on.

i already have.

i have a whole new drawing in mind with this same gestural movement that i am going to start. probably tomorrow.

but today, i just want to share this with you. and then i’ll paint.

inspired by the bare branches and their calligraphic silhouettes out my window, i’ve been itching to study and draw them. and i did, learning quite a bit in the process. i have learned that i am complicated and for some reason i don’t know, everything i touch seems to get really complicated as well. better yet though, i believe it’s helped slow me down and taught me to patiently study what i see.  i have noticed and labored over tiny leaves and branch details, and i’m hoping that as i approach my paintings fresh, they’ll be all the better for it. there’s something to be said for slowing down and taking time to notice, which happens to go against my wiring.  too often, i’d rather just make a big mark and then deal with the consequences.

another reason i don’t really bake.

the drawing is on this thick, amazing fabriano paper and dimensions are 23″ x 30″  //

i would totally give someone a piece of this paper as a gift.  it feels so good. who do i know with a birthday coming up? i think i have a baby shower to go to next…


a good month…a busy, but good one.

Hi all- lately its been all i can do to focus and get work done- life has been crazy and full, and while i thrive on over-optimism and attempts to do tons of things at once, my head is spinning just a little bit right now. (and my over-optimism rarely works out…ie. i crash) a few february / early march highlights ::

building tons of canvi and working to build a series of 4′ x 4′ers right now :: getting alot of use out of my chop saw.

i was invited to be a part of the painted strings event for the waco symphony :: a huge fundraiser and an honor to be a part of. i just received a violin this week that i will paint ::  to be auctioned off at the gala this fall. sounds really cool.

i received an awesome commission from a great patron in colorado and am so pumped about this painting.  rather than requesting anything specific regarding the compositional space itself, he sent me a list of values and lessons that have shaped his life that he’d like it to evoke. some really incredible thoughts and ideas to consider…more to come. as the painting takes shape, i’m looking forward to sharing.

i’m currently sitting in front of a large drawing so close to being done…and yet feeling insanely far away. i’m so ready to finish it up!! i’ll be honest :: i’ve done quite a bit of drawing the past four weeks, and not everything has been the greatest. I’ve scrapped some failures and continued to experiment. this one right here is a complex drawing of the gestural branches in our trees…and i think you’ll really love the final piece. here it is in progress for now ::