preface to ch. I

preface to ch. I     24″ x 48″     (oil)     // in the studio -

finished this painting last week, but it’s taken me a little while to share it with you.  I honestly didn’t feel ready to until a couple days ago, and i’ll tell you why. Seeing this piece in my studio, it feels complete and really good ::  and when I finished it last week, I was so excited to put this up.  But as I was about to, I came across my photo of this painting in progress, and began to question how I’d taken the painting from that first layer.  I lost so much freshness and fluidity as I kept working, and after living with and studying it for a week, I want to share this piece and finally let you in on my thoughts and growth. I think there are alot of really wonderful things happening within the compositional space, but this painting has challenged me and is a critical step towards re-understanding how and why i paint.