i ordered a roast beef sandwich not long ago at portabla :: you should go if you haven’t been :: and loved it. and i’ve been totally obsessed with the idea of roast beef ever since.

so i bought some for the week last week. last week. i know. but i’ve been avoiding the roast beef & eating left-overs ever since.

i don’t know what’s wrong.  but it’s my unfortunate  & only option now for lunch today.

so much better to have portabla make it with good bread & goat cheese. it looks incredible. go there instead.

things always taste better when someone else cooks for you.

anyhow, weirdness.

what i really want to show you are some fun, creative things i love today ::

these cards have randomly found their way into my pocket, and totally inspire me. i love the design.

every one is unique and makes me wish i was graphically minded.

awesome, and… a little disturbing.