random, simple & good.

the past few weeks have been such good ones…and full of many great things.

like garden salads that we grew ourselves…totally simple, but good.

working with the windows open & enjoying the cool breeze & glorious sun.

my thyme…beautiful. and when the afternoon light pours through…it’s one happy place to be in our house & i love being there.

these paints alone make me love everything about life. they’re like butter…just with poppy oil & pigment instead.

flowers that make me wish i could be a color. i would be the pincushion protea.

besides these beauties, getting to see & hug on good friends, having family visit & celebrating my precious husband’s birthday made my month.

life is good.

and i’m so thankful for these small things.

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  • Courtney Binkley

    I am glad you are a human instead of a pincushion protea:)