meet jane :: my vintage batch of hand- torn, hand-signed cards inspired by my crazy character of a mom i dearly love. elegant, slender, curious, chill, whimsical, and slightly unpredictable. hoping you love them as much as i do!

one of the things i love most is getting a letter from a good friend–or giving one–i love to write and i love to get mail. so born out of that and a need to channel creative thoughts, I began making these cards.  they’re made of the same beautiful Italian paper as my  george cards, and they come with a cream Italian envelope to match. i’ve hand-punched each eyelet and personally created the tiny compositions, and I think these have turned out to be my new favorite…although i still love george.

the dimensions are 4 1/2″ x 6 3/4″  and they’re 5.95 -same as george.

if you’re interested, please contact me //  i would love to share them with you!