our first garden tomatoes

these are the best. what a good day. they’re so GOOD.

tomatoes are hands down the way to my heart and one of my favorite things.


love this sight.

best end to the day.

a new painting finished

i’m so excited to share this painting with you. i’ve had an opportunity to live with it, stare at it, study it, and i’m ready to share it and hear your thoughts. i approached it in a similar manner to the green painting i did earlier, but this time in a more purposeful way. rather than haphazardly laying down color without much thought, i began forming a color palette intentionally.

the gray is smokey, with warm yellow undertones to compliment the cooler, bold blue. two shades of orange play against the gray, the blue, and a cool green hue. there’s a vivid, citrus green scribbled spontaneously against the background–and because it’s the same value as the gray, the first glance hardly reveals that the green is there. it pulsates gently in the background & it’s my way of getting your face a little closer, after you’ve taken in the work as a whole.

my aim is to create an exciting dialogue not just between a tangerine orange and a deep blue, but between my meditative thoughts and spontaneous gestures, between controlled mark-making and uninhibited brushwork, between scratching into a surface and painting over it…these things drive me to explore.  this painting is an effort to preserve the honesty of my process, while pushing my understanding of color and mark-making further than before.

and i hope you uncover unusual, unexpected surprises as you unpack this work.

4′ x 4′  (oil)  // in the studio –  above : a few close ups of the larger piece.


afternoon light

currently watching the light change colors.  love how it lights up our bench.


random, simple & good.

the past few weeks have been such good ones…and full of many great things.

like garden salads that we grew ourselves…totally simple, but good.

working with the windows open & enjoying the cool breeze & glorious sun.

my thyme…beautiful. and when the afternoon light pours through…it’s one happy place to be in our house & i love being there.

these paints alone make me love everything about life. they’re like butter…just with poppy oil & pigment instead.

flowers that make me wish i could be a color. i would be the pincushion protea.

besides these beauties, getting to see & hug on good friends, having family visit & celebrating my precious husband’s birthday made my month.

life is good.

and i’m so thankful for these small things.

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