painted strings event

goodness. what have i been up to??

that feels too complicated for me.  really more excitement than i can handle…but in a good way.

have been thinking about you though, and thinking that you would like to know about this finished violin that i just painted. after i figured out a game plan for this guy, it was alot of fun to do.

the waco symphony orchestra is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and i was asked to paint a violin for the painted strings benefit being held in their honor. the instruments will be auctioned off at a gala happening this fall and i am pumped to celebrate with them and give in this way.

it’s a good excuse to get dressed up, put your cutest shoes on, and bid on these painted, totally functional strings.

i began by sanding down the surface, priming the wood, and then laying down a first coat of this really beautiful green. obviously, after that…i went crazy.

the painting is a combination of acrylic & colored pencil // and here are a few fragments of the space.

i hope you like! let me know. i always love knowing what you think.

and if you’re interested in attending the gala to support the waco symphony this fall, please contact //

katie croft   ::    712 austin ave.    ::   waco, tx  76701   ::   254_714_1710



i ordered a roast beef sandwich not long ago at portabla :: you should go if you haven’t been :: and loved it. and i’ve been totally obsessed with the idea of roast beef ever since.

so i bought some for the week last week. last week. i know. but i’ve been avoiding the roast beef & eating left-overs ever since.

i don’t know what’s wrong.  but it’s my unfortunate  & only option now for lunch today.

so much better to have portabla make it with good bread & goat cheese. it looks incredible. go there instead.

things always taste better when someone else cooks for you.

anyhow, weirdness.

what i really want to show you are some fun, creative things i love today ::

these cards have randomly found their way into my pocket, and totally inspire me. i love the design.

every one is unique and makes me wish i was graphically minded.

awesome, and… a little disturbing.

tree silhouette no. 1

Friends. hi.

this is one of my favorite drawings so far.  and it’s done. finally. finally! i can move on.

i already have.

i have a whole new drawing in mind with this same gestural movement that i am going to start. probably tomorrow.

but today, i just want to share this with you. and then i’ll paint.

inspired by the bare branches and their calligraphic silhouettes out my window, i’ve been itching to study and draw them. and i did, learning quite a bit in the process. i have learned that i am complicated and for some reason i don’t know, everything i touch seems to get really complicated as well. better yet though, i believe it’s helped slow me down and taught me to patiently study what i see.  i have noticed and labored over tiny leaves and branch details, and i’m hoping that as i approach my paintings fresh, they’ll be all the better for it. there’s something to be said for slowing down and taking time to notice, which happens to go against my wiring.  too often, i’d rather just make a big mark and then deal with the consequences.

another reason i don’t really bake.

the drawing is on this thick, amazing fabriano paper and dimensions are 23″ x 30″  //

i would totally give someone a piece of this paper as a gift.  it feels so good. who do i know with a birthday coming up? i think i have a baby shower to go to next…