no. 804

no. 804     36″ x 36″    (oil)    // in the studio -

just finished this painting a couple days ago, and i’m so excited about it.  If you’re in town, come by the studio and see it in person-there are so many subtle, haphazard scratches that make you so happy once you see them- a combination of my deliberate thoughts and contemplation, balanced by spontaneous, impulsive renderings…my wandering mind exploring gestural movement and my imagination manifest in paint.


ave. f

Ave. f      24″ x 48″   diptych    (oil)   // in the studio -

this is one of the most recent paintings i’ve done and one of my favorites right now…i’ve been extremely interested the past six months in pushing more spontaneous brushwork and also to push exploration of the compositional space. I love this painting because i felt a huge breakthough in my understanding of paint while i was working on this–it comes closer i think, than any other painting I’ve done, to leaving you with my contemplations, meditations, and  a gestural, abstract space. I worked with brushes, palette knives, washes of paint countered by opaque blocks of color, and drew in with oil sticks and oil pastels. this painting is an abstract expression i hope you enjoy, and one i hope you get lost in as you follow the marks, scratches, and linear gestural movement.



_38th      12″ x 24″      (oil)   // in the studio -

just finished 38th and 38 1/2  over the holidays–enjoying looser brushwork and gestural lines


38 1/2

_38 1/2      12″  x 24″      (oil)    // in the studio -


some inspiration today…

the calligraphic lines of the trees out my window… which captivate my attention all too frequently–i love the beauty and the gestural lines and spontaneous movement–good inspiration for some works on paper and in the meantime, fuel for the paintings i’m finishing up!