in the studio

what a beautiful day to be painting today! here is a piece i’m currently working on…it’s a work in progress and it’s got quite a few more layers ahead before it’s done, but i should be finished with it soon. wishing you all a happy new year full of great memories!

george cards

oh george…I’ve had the best time this month making these cards. and so blessed by my sweet friends–thank you for your response and excitement– so encouraging to me! I’m taking a few days out of every month to make a limited batch of handmade cards, as an outlet for new ideas that bog down my brain!  They’re a small piece of art—each card is hand-stamped, hand-torn and individually signed on this beautiful Italian paper, giving each a slightly different character—and the envelopes are made of recycled grocery bag—eco-friendly— how could you resist that?

The dimensions are 5” x 5” and my george line has two designs:

:: hi ::  &  :: I’m loving you ::

if you’re interested in purchasing a few, please contact me! i’ve been loving making these and would love to share them with you.