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these quiet foggy mornings are the norm. and I now live here. and I’m quite okay with that.


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I owe a special thanks to Eric Kass at Funnel, for this site and his incredible creativity. Its been such a pleasure knowing and working with him to create this card: something I could assemble by hand, stamp specifically, and make uniquely with found paper and fragments significant to each piece I paint. So here they are: my letterpress cards. Enjoy! and check out his work:

fresh-squeezed lemonade

Just had the pleasure of meeting Sophie and Jackson this afternoon on our walk to the post office! They’re offering fresh lemonade for 50 cents, just a few blocks from us, on the corner of Main St. and Alexander. The lemonade was awesome, and even cooler still: they’re giving all their proceeds to the food pantry here. So if you happen to be parched and in need of something to drink, go and meet them! and get a great cup of fresh lemonade.

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farmer’s market

These little guys will be our dinner tonight.


napa valley coffee roasting company coffee: fueling my art and profound thoughts.

Well, this morning, after coffee with David, I ran illegally through Charles Krug’s beautiful vineyards…it was either that, or get hit by a car on the side of the road. So I went for the vineyards and it was the greatest run. I’m surrounded by beauty!

St. Helena is about 2 miles long by 5 miles wide, hemmed in by mountains on either side. We live on main street (which really does deserve that name!) and out from us are vineyards as far as you can see. The hills around us are covered with vines, and those vines are covered with grapes getting ready to ripen. The harvest and crush will begin in the next few months. David kept pinching me all day Sunday while we explored everything. It’s so quaint and old and perfect and beautiful here!

We’re headed to a tasting this afternoon at a vineyard, and after that, we’re headed to San Francisco to meet David’s sisters for dinner there. Tomorrow’s the farmer’s market; it’ll be another early day. and soon more pictures of our ridiculous life!